Safety Deposit Box – Why Choose Custodian Vaults?

Sydney’s premier safety deposit box facility, Custodian Vaults is dedicated to delivering its clients unrivalled service and security. Custodian Vaults is a purpose built facility featuring cutting edge technology and monitoring by an on site security guard.

Custodian Vaults provide a unique experience to each of our clients by delivering the highest levels of security, discretion and service during every visit.

In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Custodian Vaults is conveniently located on Castlereagh Street, with hours to suit our clients. Backed by industry leaders the Australian Bullion Company and Palloys Group, Custodian Vaults is your easiest way to store bullion, documents, hard-drives and other precious possessions.

At Custodian Vaults, the items that you can choose to store in our safety deposit boxes are limited only to the size of the box that you choose. Common items that are stored include gold and silver bullion, rare coins, important and confidential documents, jewellery, diamonds, precious stones, family heirlooms, photographs, passports and birth certificates, sentimental items along with data and backup drives. Ultimately, anything that holds value for you is worth keeping safe. If you have any questions regarding the storage of any item or which size box is most suitable, we will be more than happy to help

Save time and money! When you buy your bullion from any of our industry partners, we’ll transport your bullion directly to our safety deposit boxes in Sydney at no charge.

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